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Lab Ultrasonic Cleaner Solutions

Time:2022-09-19| Author:admin

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaners are an effective solution for laboratory applications such as solvent degassing, sample preparation and laboratory equipment cleaning. There are many different types of ultrasonic cleaners. Different washers are designed for specific applications and come in different sizes, configurations and various functions.Here, we'll give you some guidance on what to look out for when buying a laboratory ultrasonic cleaner.

What is a laboratory ultrasonic cleaner?

Laboratory ultrasonic cleaning machine is a cleaning equipment that uses high-frequency sound waves to stir the liquid in the equipment for cleaning purposes. The ultrasonic cleaner itself consists of one or more stainless steel cleaning tanks that contain the liquids and objects to be cleaned.An ultrasonic generator converts alternating current electrical energy into ultrasonic frequencies. Ultrasonic transducers convert electrical signals into mechanical energy. All ultrasonic cleaners are equipped with a digital time temperature controller with degassing and heating functions. The degassing function eliminates the residual air bubbles in the cleaning agent.